You know my Name?

~ I'm called TAKA, but my real name is Bianca.

~ I was born in Brazil. Exactly in 1989.

~ I'm half japanese, italian and spanish person.

~ Blood type AB+!

~ Scorpio is my Sign.

~ Graduated in Information Technology and Business. Currently specializing in Business Management.

~ Portuguese, English and a little of Spanish, also few words (romanized) from Japanese and Korean (not really).

~ All the Single Ladies!

~ Want to keep in touch with me? SHOULD BE GREAT! e-mail me or find me on facebook by asking me how in the ask box (pink panda down here).

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2PM, SHINee, MBLAQ, VIXX, Ulzzangs, B1A4, B.A.P., KPOP, KROCK, KDRAMAS, JPOP, JROCK, JDRAMAS, fanarts, fanfics, music, art, gags, anime, texts.

I will also try a variety of things!


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Cute Pie

Marcela (Naeun)  Francesco (Taemin)

Sounds more romantic like that. 

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